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About the Xrebel app

This app has been developed for both Android and iPhone. It allows you to send information to the central controller which forwards it to the twenty closest people to you who also have the app installed. If the information is particularly interesting, the people receiving the message, photo or live video stream can send it to the next closest twenty people who haven't yet been sent the information. (Instead of restricting the number of people who receive the initial information, it could also be configured to go to everybody within a certain area, eg a council area, the Hills, along beaches, along the Torrens River, etc.) Furthermore, as you can see, the information is also displayed on the xrebel.squawker.news website.

The app accomplishes this by providing a simple mechanism by which you can type and send messages, take and send photos, find and send pictures, live video stream, and take and send the bearing and estimated distance to the item of interest, eg pop idol. politician, accident, concert stage, koala, shark, robbery, dolphin, whale, etc. With each photo the pen name of the person who took it, their location and the date and time are also displayed.

You are able to stay fairly anonymous by registering using a pen-name and opting not to enter your email address. Each time you send information, the app defaults to sending only your suburb address. However, you can tell it to send your full address if, for instance, your car has broken down and you need someone to give you a lift.


  • The first time you use the app you will be asked to register your "pen name" and optionally your email address.
  • Each photo/picture is first reduced by about a thirtieth before it is sent from the phone. Your originals are left on your phone.
  • The app will display a message telling you if your message/photo/picture/bearing was successfully sent or not, or your live video stream is working successfully.
  • After the information is sent, it will appear on this website and also sent to the twenty closest people with the app installed on their phone, all within half a minute.
  • No information or photos collected will be supplied to any third party.
  • The app does not come with any guarantee that it will work on your model of iPhone or Android phone, particularly if it's an old one. However, a great deal of effort has been made to make the app work on as many iPhone and Android phones as possible.

Kind regards
Bill Malkin

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Optionally, you can click two points on map to select area of interest.
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